Second RWD Chassis Candidates

02/08/2017 at 8:33 pm

So I finally picked out my next RWD chassis to run along side my GRK RWD conversion. Picking one chassis out of the sea of options available today was though, and I wanted to go over some choices I considered in this post.


Yokomo YD-2

Yokomo’s first RWD drift chassis is great, especially if you’re new to RWD drifting. You don’t need to piece parts together or “upgrade” stuff to get it working out of the box. A lot of RWD drivers in Socal have one of these as well, so it would have given me the chance to see what others are trying when it comes to tuning.

The YD-2 is also mysteriously fast. The chassis layout allows the motor’s counter torque to push the rear end of the chassis down, increasing traction. But the transmission case has a bit too many gears in it, not giving me the sharp throttle response I wan’t for my drifting style. And for better or for worse, the YD-2 seems to drift like a YD-2 no matter what you do to it.

Regardless, when someone asks what RWD chassis they should get, I currently always recommend the YD-2.


Rc-Art RX-12J Jager.2

I’ve always liked RX chassis’, and the Jager was almost my pick. The deck material, rack design and sleek chassis profile all appealed to me, but at the time, the counter torque plate was not an option. The stock configuration the chassis was originally offered in did not transfer the motor’s counter torque to the rear wheels. Some users flipped the motor mount to the other side and switched to a belt drive system before the counter torque place was offered from Rc-Art. The rear end on this chassis is also belt driven, and although short, I was worried about the throttle feel.

I really like this chassis though, and may consider picking up a 2017 edition to mess around with if I have the time.


GRK Drift Package Conversion

The GRK DP conversion, or Gpake, is almost like a GRK, but allows you to run a Yokomo DP drive train. I personally hate how the GRK gear box splits open horizontally, forcing me to rip apart half of my chassis to service the rear axle. Gear options are also limited, and I currently run a Frankenstein ball differential built from Yokomo and GRK parts in my own chassis. The Gpake would solve all of these issues, and I was planning to use a Team Suzuki high motor mount to increase pitch and roll. But what’s the fun in getting another GRK series chassis?


Hikotech Bianca

This was the chassis that I wanted, but couldn’t get. Most people focused on the motor position and orientation when the chassis first came out, but it was the curved one piece slide rack that got my attention. Unfortunately the chassis is discontinued now, and I wasn’t keen on getting a second hand one. Curious to see what they come out with next, it looks like they’re designing a conversion kit based off of the YD-2.