Yokomo YD-2

07/12/2016 at 9:28 pm

So I’ve been a bit busy with non RC related stuff recently but I recently got a chance to check out  Yokomo’s new YD-2. There are images of Hayato’s prototype floating around online, but getting a chance to talk to him and drive the chassis in person answered some of the questions I had. So for those of you that didn’t get a chance to come out to the event at GGT here’s a few highlights.

YD2 Top

Zip tie everything!

Zip tie everything!

No that’s not acting as a slipper clutch. He just wanted a way to hold the spur gear down since the main shaft is a bit special.

And just like almost everyone that drives at GGT, the zip tie was added to create some noise. Compared to running a long grub screw, the zip tie puts a little bit less stress on the motor.

Hayato runs a FDR around 6, with some boost and turbo. I was quite surprised at this  but considering motor position I guess this makes sense. This chassis gets very good grip due to motor torque, and spinning the wheels at extreme RPMs gets you this weird effect that can save you from a spin out. It’s hard to explain, but that’s also why I run a very high turbo boost setup on my GRK that logs past 60k peak RPM at the motor.

YD2 Rear

Nothing too special in the rear end. The new SLF big bores come stock with the YD-2 plus, and Hayato’s setup ran a loose gear differential. I’m going to guess the raised rear roll center is because of the floating, raised, motor position.

YD2 Front

Nothing too crazy about the front end. Your usual C type suspension. Not all front end parts were ready so other Yokomo parts were on Hayato’s car. The new front lowers for example will have more damper mounting positions.

YD2 Ackermann

So that’s how you use those Yokomo RWD knuckles!

The Ackermann was setup to go from toe out to parallel for a reverse entry friendly tune. The good rear traction lets you run minimal Ackermann without spinning on this chassis. Vertex V-Zero PC tires were used in the front and rear at the event so that the front end can slide.

Those of you who drove the car may have wanted a tad bit more front traction, but that was because of Hayato’s D1-10 Worlds tune. Their track was carpet, and linked a bunch of hairpins, so the chassis was setup to set angle early and power through.

YD2 Wiper

The wipers on the YD2 worked well. Unlike their DP RWD conversion kit the lever ratio looked good.

The chassis was also very stiff. You can probably even get away without running the top deck for those of you that like chassis flex but the stiff chassis fits current trends well.


And lastly the new RP gyro (RPG-302), that everyone assumes is the same as the D-Like just because the case looks the same, has slightly different components compared to the Real Dri Gyro. It’s not just different software like some of those China, Ebay, Chang clones.

Priced at just under $200 for the YD-2 and $400 for the YD-2 plus, it certainly is appealing if you want a RWD chassis that runs well, is complete out of the box and is priced aggressively.