GGT Straight Away

06/18/2015 at 8:20 pm

Guild n One Yuuki had an interesting post today about what he was looking for while judging a PRO RC exhibition match at Tail-Slider’s track. Their track has a similar straight away to GGT, and the post nails the image in my head when I drive down that straight so here’s  quick translation of a section from his post. Keep in mind this is just what I think would look the most realistic and cool, so if it doesn’t fit the driving style you prefer disregard it.


Keep in mind you enter the straight at GGT coming from the other direction. 


This placing of cars, it helps visualize the the ideal line but since it doesn’t show the cars movement or posture I don’t thinks it’s very useful…

I look at the way the car moves more so this line is just for reference.


Here’s a simple explanation of what I was looking for:

Coming into the straight, line and angle were not judged. This is were you scrub speed or whatever to set yourself up for the approach into the ‘S’.

At GGT this would be the hairpin area before the straight.

Swing the car properly into the ‘S’, then switchback into the straight.

At GGT the straight is kinked similar.

Get past the judging seats at the end of the straight and your run is done.

This would be around the back wall at GGT.

It’s not uncommon for competitions to only judge the straight in Japan. It tends to be the hardest part to nail properly, and the most enjoyable.


And a more detailed explanation:

Straight Approach

Going into the ‘S’

This is the most important part.

I was looking to make sure you properly swing your car out at this part. A proper misconception but a lot of people were just faking the transition here. If you’re too eager to pick up speed on the straight, you don’t give the car enough time to settle on this swing, making the switchback at the straight awkward looking. By not letting the car set here, you don’t get a proper switch leading to a shallow angle. I was referring to this as “rushing” during the match.  I don’t like it when you have use awkward steering and throttle control to get the car to transition. By properly swinging the car out at this point, the switchback then tobashi (hauling ass down the straight) and finally the scrubbing of speed goes very smoothly.

Why is that? It’s because you’re properly letting the weight transfer.

Rushing this section, or just using the handle to switch the car back doesn’t let the weight transfer smoothly leading to an awkward car movement. This is why keeping weight in mind is important. As long as you have weight transfers in your image of ideal drifting you shouldn’t have any steering correction as well.

In addition to this, to get the weight to shift smoothly at this point there’s a certain way you  have to manipulate your car. No, it doesn’t involve slowly steering and not steering too far but it’s slowing the car down at the straight approach. By properly slowing down at the approach you get the weight to shift to the right, making it easier to shift it back to the left.

You’ll be shifting the weight to the left at the hairpin area at GGT since you enter from the opposite direction as Tail-Slider, then to the right at the ‘S’. You sorta have to slow down a lot at the hairpin so this part is slightly different as well.

There’s two ways you could have done this, either brake or put some angle on. Either way was fine and points weren’t added or deducted depending on which method you used.

Next we move onto the transition at the ‘S’. A high score was giving if your car was accelerating at this point. So you probably now understand why slowing down at the approach was very important. If you don’t slow down while approaching the straight it’s hard to emphasize that you’re accelerating at this point. You may be on the ideal line and angle but it’s always favorable when you start to emphasize stuff like this when you’re getting judged. Even if your car is very fast, not doing things like this will just end with your entire run appearing to be fast. And if your car is slow, this is also how you make it appear like you’re accelerating quickly. By scrubbing speed it’s also easier to show your weight transfers.

It’s easy to get stuck on thinking about how to control the car, but keeping weight transfer in mind should drastically change how you control your car. Just keeping it in the back of your head is the important part. And when it comes to competitions, how you want to show off to the judge is something to keep in mind as well.

And that wraps up his Yuuki’s post.