Toe Zero + H2 Riku Rear Hub

08/11/2014 at 4:53 pm

Finally got stuff ready to get my rear toe to 0.  You’ll need DRB-31RR and DRB-31RF. Possibly shorter dogbones as well, since the toe blocks are a little bit more narrow compared to the stock 3.5. I went with Square’s 40mm, and changed out my rear hubs as well.

Toe 0

The rear hubs I used are the H2 Riku hubs from TN Racing. These let me extend my uppers arms, and lower the rear roll center. Because the CVDs would hit the lower control arm, I currently use the middle holes, but will eventually dremel out some clearance and try out the top most holes. I also had issues getting ride height so I moved the shock tower up and made fine adjustments using my Kazama cap ends.

Riku Rear Hub


Unfortunately the rear hubs for the DIB were sold out so I got the ones for the drift package. I had to use DP size bearings (10×6) and CVDs to get it to work.

H2 Riku Rear Hub

I made these changes on two separate days so that I can feel the differences. Unfortunately I couldn’t feel a noticeable change after I lowered the roll center a little.  The change in toe from 3.5 to 0 made a big difference though. I noticed immediately that my rear end would slide out easier, increasing the amount of counter I’d have to apply to maintain an angle. While side ways, the car felt more stable and would accelerate nicely as well. Definitely a nice positive change that I wish I would have done sooner.